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Infertility Specialist in Delhi, Infertility Doctors in Delhi. Male infertility (in Delhi) can be caused by number of health issues. The below causes of male infertility are widely reported.

Medical Causes: There are various medical and health conditions which are causes of male infertility. The medical causes includes Varicocele- swelling of the veins which drain the testicle, Infection interfering with sperm production, ejaculation issue, antibodies attacking sperm, cancers & non-malign tumors and hormone imbalances

Environmental Causes: Exposure to certain environmental chemicals or elements is also causes of male infertility. The over exposure to chemicals like industrial chemicals such as pesticide, benzenes, toluene, herbicides and painting materials can lead to male infertility. Heavy metal exposure, X-rays or radiations are also some of the causes of male infertility

Lifestyle Causes: Illicit drugs use, alcohol use, smoking, emotional stress and overweight can also factor to male infertility

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